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Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves have historically been the most popular form of stove due to their durability, longevity, and heat output. An excellent addition to any Irish home, solid fuel stoves burn wood, turf, coal, and more to provide long-lasting, intense heat that will span the whole house. When combined with a back-boiler, a solid fuel stove offers home heating and water heating capabilities that are unparalleled. While solid fuel stoves have a number of advantages, including fantastic heat output, durability, and low maintenance, these are not the most eco-friendly form of heating, which means they are going out of fashion somewhat. That being said, for most homes a solid fuel stove is a great choice in terms of functionality and performance.

A solid fuel stove is an excellent addition to any Irish home. Most solid fuel stoves now are multi-fuel which means you can burn either dried wood or smokeless coal. Here at, we stock a wide range of solid fuel stoves to suit all homes, with installation services available. With years of industry experience, the team at is always happy to offer help and advice on the best solid fuel stove to suit your individual requirements and can help you choose one to suit your individual style, taste, and budget. We also provide full solid fuel stove maintenance cleaning services to keep your stove working safely and efficiently. 

Our Range of Solid Fuel Stoves

Stanley Stove Range
Heritage Stove Range
Atlantic Stove Range
Emporio Marco Stove Range
Hamco Stove Range
Heat Design Stove Range
Mazona Stove Range
Arada Devon Stove Range

Solid Fuel FAQs

What is the best solid fuel stove?

This all varies depending on the type of stove you require. Here at Stove & Fireplace Fitters, we offer a wide range of stoves to suit all styles, budgets, and heating requirements and can offer advice and recommendations on the best solid fuel stove to suit you.


Do you offer installation services for solid fuel stoves?

Yes of course. We offer full stove supply and stove installation services on all of our solid fuel stoves.


Do you provide solid fuel stoves with back boilers?

Yes, our solid fuel stoves can be installed in conjunction with an oil boiler.